The SN climate class specified on the product information plate only relates to electrical safety international standards applicable to the product. 



IEC 60335-1: 2010

IEC 60335-2-24: 2010



Dimensions and Weight


WineArt appliance only

Height: 478mm

Width: 245mm

Depth: 248mm

Weight: 5.48 Kg


WineArt appliance in packing box

Height: 500 mm

Width: 300 mm

Depth: 300 mm

Weight: 6 Kg


The WineArt appliance in its original packing box is suitable for flight check in handling.










Technical Specifications
  • Red wine serving temperature: 16°C to 18°C
  • White wine and Rose serving temperature: 8°C to 10°C
  • External mains transformer AC 100-240V (according to the country) – 50/60Hz – 2.5A – Class II
  • Power input: 70W
  • Operating ambient temperature: 18˚C - 30˚C (at 30˚C, the maximum ambient humidity level is 50%)
  • Length of time opened bottle can be stored: 7 and up to 10 days maximum
  • Oxygen extraction: vacuum pressure of 300 mbars minimum
  • Wine bottles that can be used in the appliance: 292 – 336 mm in height